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“Ask, and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.”

“Ask, and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find.”

For the longest time, esp. since we became more #conscious and #aware about the #ingredients we use, we started facing many struggles while trying to find really good Pancakes.

Pancakes that did not use one of the most unhealthy ingredient (refined flour) as the very first ingredient. Remember first ingredient on the label is the one used in maximum amount? #ReadTheLabels

Not only were the maida Pancakes made of extremely low cost, poor quality, refined ingredients, they lacked in flavor and needed to be loaded with unreasonable amounts of sugars to make them edible. Also, they became chewy and almost inedible once they get cold.

We deserve a lot better as humans and so we decided to add Pancakes to #TNBMenu.

#Pancakes that have #PrebioticGutFriendlyFlour and #AlmondFlour as the first two ingredients #EveryIngredientMatters

Pancakes that are fortified with #PlantProtein from chia seeds

Pancakes that have #ComplexFiberRich carbs from oats

Pancakes that are #VeganFriendly to keep them light and free of dairy

Pancakes that are #moist #MeltInMouth and remain that even when they are not steamy hot.

Pancakes that are #GlutenFreeForAHappyGut

Pancakes that taste great with the toppings but are equally ah-mazing even without them.

Pancakes that truly make #you happy and also your #body.
Seeking out helped us. But sharing what we sought with you is like #ACherryOnThePancake.

Have a delicious, delicious day! ???

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