From #Diwaligifting to ensuring fun to having everything delivered before time…the list goes on.

BUT, we want to tell you that IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE PERFECT ALL THE TIME. Where is the adventure in being perfect, anyway? Where is the scope of innovations and creating something totally new with your imagination?

To keep your anxiety and unnecessary worries at bay, here is a CALMING BELGIAN HOT CHOCOLATE RECIPE for you : –

1. To your blender, add 100 ml of warmed cashew-coconut milk

2. Then add the following to the blender with milk :

🔸1 tablespoon of TNB Belgian Hot Chocolate Mix
🔸1/8 teaspoon of cardamom powder
🔸1/4 scant teaspoon of Ashwagandha

3. Blend and pour into a cup. Top with 1-2 strands of saffron.
Enjoy warm!

NOTES : You can’t miss any of these 4 ingredients because #EveryIngredientMatters and each ingredient plays its role in making this beverage truly delicious, festive and calming.

TASTE : of course it tastes Diwali : gorgeously flavourful, Indian and festive.

🟡TNB Belgian Hot Chocolate Mix is made using 70% pure Belgian dark chocolate and so you are in for a treat AND with ALL THE HEALTH BENEFITS.

🟡CARDAMOM boosts immunity and is known to have a positive impact in balancing all three doshas as per #Ayurveda.

🟡ASHWAGANDHA may reduce cortisol levels and is also known to help manage stress and anxiety in the body.

🟡SAFFRON is a very potent food known to combat stress in a pleasant and fragrant way.

#NoTransFats #NoDairy #GlutenFree #VeganFriendly #CalmYourNerves


Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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