Are we reaching to a state of balance?

Back to normal life, slowly. The Sun is shining after days of windy rains. We feel like taking this normal for a little adventure, right here at the breakfast table with yet another slice of Dark Chocolate Banana Bread #BrekkieAdventures. Today’s was topped with some nut butter and and and Dark Chocolate Cosmic Clusters because they all go together pretty much like best of friends. When you look at the ingredients of this entire brekkie put together (and even individually), you will be won over by the goodness standards (viz. #Amaranth#DarkChocolate #Almonds #Carrots #Beetroot #WholeRolledOats #Orange). .
Is there any reason to not experience this deliciously wholesome brekkie right now? Just one – we have not yet launched the #BananaBreadMix. And so this is to tell you that all the loveliness of Brekkie heaven can not wait to reach you in just a few days from today. You just have to be ready with some extra ripe spotted bananas, oil and milk of choice and leave everything else to us. We will ensure that you get a brekkie of your dreams that also says, “I loaf you”, in every single bite. .
#Glutenfree #Veganfriendly #ZeroTransfats #EveryIngredientMatters
Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻.


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