Almond flour PANCAKES

Almond flour PANCAKES : fluffy, round, evenly browned every single time

Going out is not cool for the time being. Even if it is for “pancakes”. We never signed up for this. .
But what we can do is make delicious, fluffy, melt-in-mouth and and and wholesome (with great-for-you ingredients) P A N C A K E S #AtHome. Then we can eat them the way we want, in bed if we want, and with toppers we exactly want. #CafeComesHome. .
Is it possible to get every pancake fluffy and round and evenly browned? The answer is every single time when you make them as in this step-by-step. .

We all deserve wayyy better than boring and bland. So, we make pancakes for the love of brekkie adventures, for a brighter start to the day and to remind ourselves that love of self should never be undermined, lockdown or not. .

We are hoping to restart our pan India deliveries. Till then, deliveries only in Mumbai and orders to be placed only on the website. .

Hope it helps! Have a delicious, delicious weekend 💚🙌🏻 with our #glutenfree #veganfriendly pancakes.


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