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A toast to Tuesday because today is just another day and it’s our job to make it from being just good to a great day. .
This toast comes with a burst of colours and flavours. We chose a slice of GF bread and added all the ready toppings (which took less than 5 minutes) that are made using high quality ingredients. These are previously made COCONUT BEET BUTTER (recipe in stories), PROTEIN PRIX GRANOLA (our star vegan almond-berry granola, it has the crunchiest and has peanut buttery-chocolate clusters) and a drizzle of peanut butter. #EveryIngredientMatters #EatCleaner #StayYounger #LiveLonger .
You could choose any toppings and you will never ever be out of ideas. What’s #BrekkieAdventures otherwise? .
We like our toast decked up and promising abundant happiness because that’s what gives a kick to our start of the day. .
Good morning and have a delicious, delicious day! If you try, let us know #BrekkieAdventures #thenibblebox


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