Today is day 01 of our series for you : A to Z of Breakfast.

A for ALIVE, A for AMAZE

When the morning sun sends its light, don’t you feel the most ALIVE? ☀️

How do you make the most of your golden mornings? Have breakfast that is full of AMAZE, that stops time from running the race and lets you fully be in the moment.

Who wants to rush the magic and immeasurable glory of a morning? Not us and we hope not you, too.

Shown here is a breakfast that we put in under 3 minutes using just 3 ingredients :

1. TNB Quinoa Cruise Granola
2. Coconut Yogurt
3. TNB Chopped Figs

Easy, simple and SO delicious, because a breakfast needs all the time to be devoured.

#CleanBreakfast #NutrientDense #BrilliantIngredients

Hope it helps make your morning shine brighter. Have a delicious, AMAZING day! 🙌🏻💚


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