This is just the BEST, simple, quick, super easy and MOST DELICIOUS BREAKFAST ever.

You don’t need the old way using sugars/ cream to enjoy strawberries. #BecauseWhy

Here is how you use them whole and add great-for-you, brilliant brekkie additions to make your morning shine bright with a creamy, tangy zing from clean food energy:

🟡Coconut yoghurt (or any plant based yogurt of choice) to make it creamy (makes for a way healthier strawberry-cream pairing)

🟡Top with chopped Strawberries, cut segments of Orange (for zing) and sliced banana (makes it more creamy)

🟡Finally, top with TNB Seedy Seatmate granola (for the perfect much needed crunch and plant protein)

You are so welcome! We just know how much you are going to love this. Tag us #thenibblebox @thenibblebox when you try so that we know.

Have a creamy, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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