7 recipes to up your
hot chocolate experience

Just the perfect friend, your cuppa Hot Chocolate is sweet, comforting, a mood uplifter and experience wise – generously loving! 
We are sharing SEVEN WAYS to devour your Belgian Hot Chocolate that will keep you blissed-out all through the monsoon. We promise it is easy. Savour every tiny little drop. What is a cup of Hot Chocolate if not an ocean of tiny drops of it? 

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚

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When you enjoy devouring your TNB Breakfast, know that you are fuelling a positive change not just in your life but at a much larger level by being a part of our motto:  “Every Ingredient Matters”, that aims at nourishing your body with clean, plant based, wholesome and health-boosting foods.


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