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2 most commonly asked questions about TNB Almond flour BANANA BREAD MIX

2 most commonly asked questions about TNB Almond flour BANANA BREAD MIX

☝🏻 : Is there a smaller size pack available because I am looking at 1-2 slices a day.

A : we launched this size because we want you to experience a perfect, gorgeous full loaf. It is not a big loaf, it is a medium sized loaf. Super mini loaves do not give it that height that we want to at least call it a Banana Bread << loaf >> .

Here is what you can do to solve your portion controlling : Once your Banana Bread cools down completely, take the number of slices you want to eat today or tomorrow and FREEZE the remaining slices in an airtight container. These freeze up quite well for upto 1 month (again, it is the freezer compartment and NOT the refrigerator section). Then whenever you need your Banana Bread for breakfast or snack, defrost them, warm up and enjoy!

✌🏼: Can I make TNB Banana Bread in the microwave?

A : You absolutely can. All you need to do is pre-heat your microwave on the << convection >> mode. Then slide your loaf pan in and enter the time of baking as suggested. That’s all that is there to it. In case you need to know, we have had our patrons even bake it in OTG and also pressure cooker. We haven’t tried the results but they were pretty happy.

We would totally love to know how are you baking and devouring your Banana Breads, which is your favourite of the two and do you have any suggestions that we can use to make #BrekkieAdventures go even better. #LetUsKnow

Even if it takes under 10 minutes to make your TNB Almond flour Banana Bread batter, we suggest making ahead over the weekend (weekend baking is so much fun) and enjoying it over the next week.

#GlutenFreeBananaBread #BrilliantIngredients #ZeroTransFats #NORefinedSugar #NORefinedFlour

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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