🌟How are we doing on fulfilling our promise to you about launching A WHOLE LOT of BRAND NEW BREAKFASTS during DIWALI? 🌟

Can you take a guess at what our second muesli is all about?

💚Again, MUESLI is different from GRANOLA in that it is made using no added oil and no added sugars.

Our goal is to make each one of you happy at your breakfast table eating what truly benefits your body and keeps your taste buds happy.

Here is our SECOND MUESLI version for you : with AMARANTH (rajgira) as the main and only grain (pseudo grain – Amaranth, is technically a seed.)

Made using #BrilliantIngredients viz. Almonds, Amaranth (Rajgira), Coconut, Dates, Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds.

🟡A light, flavourful breakfast

🟡Gluten free #ForTheLoveOfYourGut

🟡VeganFriendly for the planet 🌍

🟡No added sugar (lightly sweetened with dates)

🟡No added oil

🟡Its #NutritionLabel is as clean as it gets #CleanFoodAllTheWay

🟡Ideal if you need a small breakfast that is nutrient-dense and easy to put together (ideal with mylk and chopped fruit)

🟡Have it as is when you need something neutral and light, early morning when silence is the loudest (are you or aiming to be an #EarlyRiser?).

🟡Fuel your festive mornings with good, clean food energy. Try and let us know about your #BrekkieAdventures.

✅This baby is going live on the website TODAY at 1200 hrs. ✨🎉You will find the link on the main menu bar with :

🎁THREE packaging options to suit the needs of your family

🎁A festive introductory price for you only for the DIWALI MONTH

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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