Did you notice that we have something very special in every Breakfast category for our kid patrons? If not, do check the website or find it all under the KIDS section.

Simply going by the rituals, here is a BRAND NEW BREKKIE for the little ones who only need and deserve real, honest, clean food.

We understand what picky eating looks like and so we have done our homework to create THIS BREAKFAST!

Also, a wise question that will continue to be asked by people of @thenibblebox :

WHY add ❌RefinedIngredients ❌Preservatives ❌Additives ❌ArtificialThings to your breakfast when you can have ✔️WHOLESOME ✔️CLEAN ✔️NUTRIENT-DENSE and ✔️DELICIOUS Breakfast ?

🥳INTRODUCING *drumroll and all the cheer please* 🥳

🎉STRAWBERRY Chia Pudding Mix.

1. Make your kids fresh, homemade, clean-labelled Chia Pudding with less than 5 minutes of work

2. #BrilliantIngredients because #EveryIngredientMatters

3. TASTE and Consistency : A berry-licious breakfast that tastes like a dessert

4. Gluten free #ForTheLoveOfYourGut

5. #VeganFriendly : to be made using #PlantBasedMilk only because we do not encourage kids drinking cow’s milk for nutrients when that can be done using whole, plant-based foods.

6. Zero refined Sugar

7. NO artificial ingredients

8. #WebsiteExclusive : ALL the new launches are website exclusives including this one.

9. #WebsiteOffers : Do not miss on enjoying the festive introductory offers on the website that end : November 30, 2020

🎁 Free Shipping all through November, 2020
🎁 Introductory pricing on NEW LAUNCHES only until November, 2020

10. LAUNCHING TODAY AT 1600hrs. on the website : thenibblebox.com (link in bio)

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚🙌🏻


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