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When did you stop eating fruit jams?

Was it when you realized they have barely any fruit and are made using artificial/ unknown ingredients and loaded with refined sugars?

The origin of jams may be confusing regarding when exactly they were invented but ALL the history of jams have one thing in common regarding the recipe :

🌻ONLY REAL FRUIT cooked with sweetener, then cooled and stored.

❌The history mentions no use of additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, pectin, etc. in jams

After all these 7+ years of enjoying breakfast the most, we must confess that for a good, scrumptious breakfast – JAMS are a must.

🔆Just a dollop of jam on pancakes/ toasted banana bread/ porridge/ muesli can take your breakfast dreams to the next level. 🔆


And so we did all the work that needed to be done to create pure, fresh, #CleanLabelledJams for you.

Our FIRST in the series is *drumroll please* PRUNE-CHIA JAM Mix. 🎉

1. Make your fresh, homemade, clean-labelled jam in less than 10 minutes #JustAddWater

2. #BrilliantIngredients because #EveryIngredientMatters : made using high fiber prunes, protein packed chia seeds, goodness of spices and sweetened using jaggery.

3. TASTE : All we can say is that it is the most delicious delicate balance of tangy and sweet. Rest is for your taste buds to experience.

4. Gluten free #ForTheLoveOfYourGut

5. #VeganFriendly : for the planet 🌍

6. Zero refined Sugar

7. NO artificial ingredients, NO Pectin, NO Preservatives

8. #WebsiteExclusive : ALL the new launches are website exclusives including this one.

9. #WebsiteOffers : Do not miss on enjoying the festive introductory offers on the website that end : November 30, 2020

🎁 Free Shipping all through November, 2020
🎁Introductory pricing on NEW LAUNCHES only until November, 2020

10. LAUNCHING TODAY AT 1600hrs. on the website : (link in bio)

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚

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Bestsellers in breakfast

Bestsellers in snacks

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Bestsellers in breakfast

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