☕️ Do you LOVE COFFEE at your breakfast table? ☕️

And dear VEGANS/ no-dairy consuming patrons, how about we make your plant-based, ultra creamy #CoffeeDreams come true? #PossibleWithTheNibbleBox

💡 What is #BrekkieAdventures, otherwise? What is celebration without innovation? 💡

It goes without saying that you will love the ingredients because #ThatIsHowWeRoll #EveryIngredientMatters

🌻Here’s a bit about YOUR BRAND NEW BREKKIE . . .


🌟This too is a #WebsiteExclusive breakfast and will not be available on online marketplaces and at retail stores

🌟Made Fresh Batch for you

🌟Taste : imagine a cold, thick, creamy coffee

🌟Made using #BrilliantIngredients

🌟#VeganFriendly for the planet

🌟#JustAddMilk to make this brekkie

🌟Protein-rich because the main ingredient is Chia seeds #PlantProteinPower

🌟You don’t need to make it because it makes on its own (overnight in the fridge)

🌟The #NutritionLabel is as clean as it gets #CleanFoodAllTheWay

#ZeroRefinedSugar #ZeroTransFats #NODairy #AllNatural

Fuel your festive mornings with good, clean food energy. Try and let us know about your #BrekkieAdventures.

You will find the link on the main menu bar on the website with :

🎁THREE packaging options to suit the needs of your family

🎁A festive discount ONLY for the DIWALI MONTH

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚✨✨


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