Did you know that most of TNB breakfast and snacks are made FRESH for you? We send freshly made/ freshly baked breakfast and snacks that you see on the website marked as FRESH.

For so many of you asking – no, it is just not in our hands to do that for when you get TNB from other marketplaces and retail stores because we do not control that inventory. Wish we could do that for everyone but it is just the nature of how things get done there.

The shelf life of most of TNB Breakfast and Snacks range from 60 days to 9 months. But when we started shipping it to you right from where it is made, we thought WHY NOT FRESH! “May be it would carry all the immediate smell of baking to you”, we thought and took it up.

We are planning to do #FreshBatchBrekkie till we can manage the efficiency with the increasing volumes. And who knows, we might just make it a normal.

For now, you must not miss out on this pleasant feeling of having your breakfast FRESH OUTTA THE OVEN.

Do check the whole website for all TNB breakfast and snacks (it’s a never ending delicious list) and pick your FRESH FAVOURITES.

#CleanLabelled #Wholesome #EveryIngredientMatters #AllNatural #GlutenFree #VeganFriendly

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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