How do you make your breakfast uplifting to your body, mind and spirit?

Here are some ways you can choose to use :-

🌻If the sun’s up, let yourself and your breakfast bask in the golden sunshine. Aren’t winter breakfasts the best with some sunshine on the side? Vitamin D is just a bonus.

🌻Have your breakfast with plant friends around – research suggests that plants boost mood, creativity and reduce stress too. Aren’t they amazing besides being so gorgeous!

🌻Play soothing music – you can literally choose your mood using the music you play. If you feel lethargic, play something upbeat and see your mornings transform.

🌻Read a good book or listen to a motivating podcast to keep yourself aligned with your goals.

🌻A warm, comforting beverage – avoid caffeine to keep away from jitters. Instead, choose something more comforting and soothing. Think Hot Chocolate, Rose Latte, Masala Chai Latte, Golden Milk Latte, etc.

🌻Make it experiential – be fun, innovative and creative with your breakfast. Experiment because the possibilities are infinite.

🌻Enjoy the peace and quiet of mornings

🌻Stretch and breathe – see our previous post on 4-7-8 breathing, an effective way of inducing calm.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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