Do you feel sluggish during mornings or active❓

Many of the ingredients that we use in making your TNB Breakfast are aimed at providing sustained energy all through the day. Yes, food does play a big role in how active or sluggish do you feel before and after your meals.

🌻It is truly wonderful in that you can decide for your energy levels just by making wise food choices. It is totally in your hands to say a bye bye to sluggish mornings wrapped in lethargy.

Here are TOP INGREDIENTS that we use to fuel your breakfast so that you get sustained energy all through the day : –

✅ OATS – more than 80% of TNB Breakfast is made using oats for their rich fiber and nutrient content.

✅ NUTS – these are nutrient powerhouses and we also love them for the nuttiness they add to TNB Granola

✅ BANANAS – find them in TNB Pancakes, TNB Banana Bread Mix and even in Mug Cakes

✅ DARK CHOCOLATE – and not any other kind helps boost mood, enhance mental energy and so we had to create your favourite, most delicious TNB #BelgianHotChocolateMix

✅ BEETROOT – thanks to Nitrates in beetroot for improving blood flow and helping with recovery. We add beets to TNB #CosmicClusters and TNB #RoseMilkMix. You are welcome, our dear little patrons.

✅ Goji Berries and other dried fruit – these are rich in antioxidants, fiber and help release energy slowly. Find them in many of your fav TNB Breakfasts across the categories.

✅QUINOA – this nutrient rich food is considered important for its fiber, protein and carb content while having a low GI therby making it a brilliant ingredient. Did you try TNB #QuinoaCruiseGranola? You must!

✅ SEEDS – they are rich in fiber and protein which makes them a great food for sustained energy. We use seeds in your TNB Breakfast, wherever possible. And something NEW is #LaunchingSoon.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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