Do you mindfully devour every bite of your morning? It is totally worth it and is known be rewarding in more ways than you think. Studies suggest that mindfulness while eating are known to help with :

🌻Reducing binge eating

🌻Maintaining a healthy weight

🌻Establishing better eating habits

🌻Overall feeling better

✅ 5 WAYS how you can become more aware while eating your breakfast or any meal and enjoy the BENEFITS OF #EatingWithMindfulness :

1. Enjoy your breakfast or any meal without distraction

2. Pay attention to hunger cues

3. Get involved with your senses by paying attention to the smell, taste, texture, flavour of your breakfast or any meal.

4. Notice how you FEEL after eating your breakfast or any meal

5. Express gratitude

Now can you give ONE good reason why it’s okay to rush your breakfast?

We suggest that you earn a couple of extra minutes from your schedule and put them into setting up your breakfast. It is a #GameChanger and truly #ABreakfastOfChampions.

We try to create Breakfast solutions so that you do not have to invest in more than 10 minutes in setting things up. We all deserve to create and invest this time in enjoying a breakfast that deepens self-love and encourages mindful, experiential and slow living.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚


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