🌻What is your go-to way to understand your food so that your food works WITH your body and not against it?

We have a very long list from our constant research and we do keep sharing it with you in the simplest possible ways.

✅ Listing down our favourite 4 for you today :

1. READ YOUR FOOD LABELS for INGREDIENTS and make sure that every single ingredient is natural, understandable and found in homes. We have done a very detailed post in the past on how to read food labels (also there on the website). Do check that out.

2. OILS/ FATS : Make sure that what your food does not have trans fats/ vegetable oils

3. SWEETENERS : It is healthier and more sustainable if the sugars in your food come from natural sources and are not refined sugars or artificial sweeteners #ForTheLoveOfYourGut.

4. ADDITIVES/ PRESERVATIVES : Because you do not want junk in your system, avoid all kinds of artificial additives/ preservatives and ingredients that you can pronounce or understand or are not known to be a part of your kitchen.

Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 🙌🏻💚

Also, do share with us your weekend TNB Breakfast Adventures by using the hashtag #BrekkieAdventures because we would LOVE to know how you are loving it. 🙂


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