You will see a whole lot of new launches in 2021 that will be focused on providing better solutions for those struggling with dietary requirements. We are working on further strengthening our R & D with more focus on CLEAN plant-based and gluten free breakfast conducive to better functioning of the gut.

There will be savoury brekkies making their way into TNB. We are launching mini meals too. You can also expect very amazing addition into the special category of adaptogens.

Our purpose is to serve breakfast dream adventures on a platter to you and to make this world a better breakfast place – one morning at a time.

The entire team of @thenibblebox will continue to create delicious, health boosting breakfasts and snacks for you.

We intend to be with you at every step in your health journey.

Cheers to 2021 ☀️
To positivity, love and kindness
To Health and mindfulness
To Gratitude and deep appreciation for aliveness.

Hope that helps. Have a delicious, delicious 2021 🙌🏻💚


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