What is gluten, the problem and solutions

Indigestion, bloating, skin issues, fatigue, brain fog, leaky gut are some of the conditions that we think are normal and so have become the new normal. 

Our key focus areas, as a brand, are creating foods that are made using ingredients that maintain Gut Health, boost energy, help refuel the body, provide sustainable energy, all so that you can perform and win. Gluten comes in the way of doing that because it causes inflammation and poor gut health to begin with.

While it is not easy to 100% eliminate gulten immediately, you can look at remarkably reducing your gluten intake. Our top ingredient choices in creating over 100 brekkies and snacks for you are Gluten Free Oats Amaranth, Millets, Almond Flour, Quinoa and we promise to keep adding more.

Here are excerpts from our research on the subject to make it easy for you.
Hope it helps. Have a delicious, delicious day! 💚

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When you enjoy devouring your TNB Breakfast, know that you are fuelling a positive change not just in your life but at a much larger level by being a part of our motto:  “Every Ingredient Matters”, that aims at nourishing your body with clean, plant based, wholesome and health-boosting foods.


Your support/ queries/ suggestion/ feedback help us get better at what we do to make your mornings much easier and happier. You can share your stories and more with us in the comments below or by simply writing to us at cs@thenibblebox.com


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