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Day: October 6, 2020

What’s so cosmic about these clusters?

What’s so cosmic about these clusters? Cosmic Clusters are naturally rich in #high-quality-protein with balanced amino acids, thanks to Amaranth (rajgira) Cosmic Clusters are made of #wholeAmaranth or

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New Launch Announcement ?

New Launch Announcement ? #DarkChocolateChiaPudding mix is on its way to making a brekkie of your dreams. All you do is #JustAddMilk and play around with toppers. We

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This brekkie is next level.

This brekkie is next level. All we did was choosing #BrilliantIngredients for you so that you #JustAddMilk the night before, #SleepMore and wake up to a delicious, delicious breakfast! You’re right,

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It’s back!

It’s back! Sorry for going frequently out of stock on this but we are seeing an unanticipated surge in the demand of #RoseMilkMix since last month and

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