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High Quality. Dry Fruit Based.

Every food here is made using ONE RULE : EVERY INGREDIENT MATTERS – made using just the right ingredients. 

No unwanted (health-damaging) ingredients.
No artificial sweeteners. No sugar syrups viz. invert syrups. No molasses. No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavours. No artificial colours. No emulsifiers. No acidity regulators. No bad oils – no palm oil, no vegetable oil. No wheat flakes, No Malt extract, No lecithin, No tocopherol/ Vitamin E, No permitted flavours, No artificial antioxidants, No added antioxidants, No sunflower oil, No vegetable fat, No corn flakes. No trans fats. No thickening agents. No wheat/ refined wheat. No gluten. No milk solids. No artificial sweeteners. No cornstarch. No potato starch. No xanthan gum. No gum. No soy lecithin. No artificial sweeteners (no liquid glucose, invert syrups). No palm oil. No acidity regulators. No antifoaming agents. No Emulsifiers. No citric acid. No antioxidants. No added Vitamin E. No natural antioxidants

Everything here is plant-based/ vegan friendly and gluten-free.

gut health

our focus

hormone health

Our Promise

Scientifically proven feel-good diet
(not by coincidence)
we take extra care while choosing gut-friendly ingredients that are also nutrient dense.
every ingredient matters
(Our Food Philosophy)
functional foods that are good for your gut, rich in fiber and high in their nutritive value.
all your breakfasts and snacks are made on demand in our zero-waste facility.
(no third party, here)
Our focus : plant based functional ingredients, elevated breakfast experience
100+ delicious, plant-based Breakfasts and Snacks that you won’t find anywhere else 
Choose from a variety of  categories viz. GranolasPorridgesPancake mixes, Millet CerealsMueslisOatmeals, 
Barshealthful baking mixes,  Beverage mixes and many more that you won’t find anywhere else. 
  • Almond Flour Dark Chocolat Pancake
  • product ad millet maverick
  • Captain Currants Granola Bar
  • product ad omeal

Breakfast ideas for you pancake new1 masala milk mix new
Hot masala chai
choose pack size
Classic Almond flour Pancake Mix
Classic Almond flour Pancake Mix
choose pack size masala milk mix new
Masala milk mix dusting
choose pack size
Spiced almond flour pancakes
with fresh figs, a drizzle of
maple and hot masala chai
breakfast ideas Everything Exotic bestseller 2021
Everything Exotic Granola
choose pack size
TheNibbleBox Chia Seed Pudding Classic
TNB Chia Pudding (classic)
choose pack size
Layered Chia pudding jar
with strawberry compote
and Everything Exotic
granola untitled
TheNibbleBox Oats and Amaranth Muesli
Coconut and Date Muesli
choose pack size
TheNibbleBox Chia Seed Pudding Classic
Famous Figmond Bar
choose pack size
Chia pudding topped
with fresh mango,
muesli and nut butter

Tips for a better morning captain currants bar Ad v3.5

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